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Seliger City
Residential complex Seliger city- is a cozy space where buildings of different storeys are provided, so that each buyer can choose what he likes: low-rise buildings or skyscrapers with excellent views of the city from the upper floors.
Seliger City
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About the smart project
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The smart infrastructure is being developed in collaboration with Internet services provider (ISP). The smart services include intercom, CCTV, access control, smart metering - all in one mobile application. All white box apartments have several smart home devices and a router installed. The unique feature is free Internet access for a short period after the end-user recieves the key. They can anytime activate the contract with ISP.
The key idea was to develop an integral digital environment, to have one product and technical standard for all buildings under construction, to offer a unique product to the end client and to upscale the quality of living
Internet (GPON)
Wi-fi in public and private areas
Mobile network amplification
Smart intercom
Smart CCTV
Access IDs: Face-Id, fingerprint, BLE,
Visitor control: access by QR or pin-code
Parking access: plate recognition, UHF, guest passes
Smart metering
Online engineering systems control
Smart apartment
One mobile app for tenants
Key features
Rubezh, Suprema, Nedap, BPT, Hikvision, Movicon
Ujin (platform), Domiland (mobile app and FM app), Rusfon (ISP)
Key partners
We let people operate their buildings and homes from smartphones

• One mobile app for everything
• Open REST API enables
• Customized application as an option
Mobile app
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