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We create smart building automation solutions to provide users with more comfortable and secure smart life.

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40 seconds is the time you need to get a guest pass to enter Office center Savelovskiy
Savelovskiy is a busy place with over 5000 tenants and dozens (sometimes hundreds) of guests coming in and out. Before retrofit there used to be a line of visitors in the lobby waiting for their turn to get a guest pass. Now the guests come directly through the barriers with a QR pass received from their host via sms or messengers. If they haven’t received the pass beforehand or forgot their smartphone, they issue a pass in less than 40 seconds via self-registration terminals.
4 types of identifications are used in any of the residential complexes of MR Group
Wondering why so many? To make sure that every resident and every guest feels at ease here. The simplest way is to use your biometric ID (Face ID, for example), since it’s always with you. For those who live in smartphones the best way is to use their personal Bluetooth ID or QR code installed on smartphone. For those who share traditional values, there’s a regular plastic access card. Stay what you are, even in the small things, with MR Group and smart bulding platform Ujin.
Air quality matters. Do you know that the higher CO2 is the worse you think, solve tasks and feel?
Complaints about the air quality usually arise when the CO2 concentration exceeds 600-800 ppm, and intensify above 1,000 ppm. In «Sydney City» – the residential complex by FSK – the tenants will know for sure the CO2 concentration in the apartment since they have a Ujin multisensor installed. More than that they will receive automated notifications when the level is higher than optimal. The system will also notify them when it’s proper time to open a window or what the outside air quality parameters are. Feel safer and healthier in the homes built by FSK and driven by smart cloud platform Ujin.
We all know what it means to move into a new flat
Packing, unpacking, never know where you put your passport or where the nearest bakery is … and above all you need to get a new contract with Internet service provider, because what you really need is good Wi-fi at home. Imagine – Wi-fi is already there when you move in. Your router is installed, your home automation devices are already on, all you need to do is just to connect your personal gadgets to your new Wi-fi network. Yes, your developer MR Group and smart cloud platform Ujin, they care about you.
Let’s be frank, we all worry about our kids when they are out. Stop. Open your mobile app and watch how they are playing at the playground. All safe and happy. Stay safe and happy in the buildings driven by smart cloud platform Ujin.
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We can connect any systems of the building to resident`s mobile app: intercoms, cameras, gates, public spaces, service requests and any more
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