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OUR SMART Solution

Ujin OS
Open API, integration with third-party devices.
Readily available integrations with IoT-devices
of 100+ manufacturers
[IoT platform and cloud]
Ujin Kit
• Protection against leakage
• Climate control
• Safety
• Light control
Ujin Apps
Unite user services in residential and commercial estates.
Software interfaces for all users:
• Resident mobile application
• Web interface for managing company
• Application for MC employees (executors of requests from residents)
• Voice interfaces for smart home control
[Customized application as an option]
[IoT devices development]


We have our own line of smart Ujin Kit devices that can be easily integrated with others.
Benefits of Ujin Devices
• No need a hub - Wi-Fi router is enough
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, IrDA protocols support
• Other brand's devices connection is available
• Devices continue to work even without the Internet connection: they interact with other Ujin devices and execute commands from the app within the same Wi-Fi network.
• Customizable touch keys on devices are touch sensitive across the entire surface.
• You can interact with devices using voice assistants
• Flexible settings for all devices within mobile app

Smart Digital Environment

It is a complex product on the market of automation systems, monitoring and management of real estate objects.

mobile app

A single mobile app for your comfort!
Management of lighting, microclimate, security and comfort inside the apartment, as well as management of common house services (access control, video surveillance, intercom, etc.) and engineering systems through a single interface (mobile application, web interface).
We have certified partners who install and connect devices. Our cloud platform supports devices from other manufacturers and our own smart devices. It ensures safety of people and preservation of property.
Get consultation & PDF with comprehensive solution for smart building and apartments. Let your building be smart!


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Smart Homes and Buildings

We connect any systems of the building to the resident’s mobile app. You can manage not only your apartment, but the residential building as well. Our service allows to chat with the management company, get news from the developer, create maintenance tickets.

Building automatization gives access to

  • Intercoms
  • Cameras
  • Gates
  • Public spaces
  • Service requests
  • And many more


Smart Buildings

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MR Group, 2022
[ Residential ]
MR Group, 2022
[ Residential ]
FSK, 2023-2026


Ujin platform promotes the development of smart sustainable cities
Ujin's solutions are built on a combination of technologies that work together to support initiatives to transform and build sustainable cities.

The advantage of Ujin lies in bringing all the elements together and creating a single digital environment in order to provide end-to-end services to users in a simple and efficient way.
It’s time to take a step towards the future!

Ujin is a one-stop solution for creating smart infrastructure for any type of building

The platform provides communication between all elements, both people and devices.

The presence of such a connection allows you to significantly optimize and automate processes, ensure savings in energy, time and other resources.
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