Smart Residence
Sydney City
2023 ― 2026
Residential complex Sydney city - New business class project. The residential quarter in the Well-being concept, a quarter that cares about your well-being.
A unique combination of central location, proximity to the water, its own self-sufficient infrastructure, from its own kindergarten and school from the leading operators of the capital to a shopping center and a cinema.
Sydney City
Project name
Apartments, with
a social infrastructure
Project type
About the smart project
[ detail ]
The buildings are built in compliance with WELL standard and the inhouse smart infrastructure standard of the developer.
The tenant’s mobile application will control intercom, video cameras, access, smart metering and the smart apartment. The sensors will tell you what C02 level inside the apartment is and offer to ventilate. The common areas will be under temperature and CO2 monitoring and will allow you to change the parameters.
Your house is not simply a place to live, it should improve your wellbeing, health, save your precious time and allow space for more comfort and free time. The buildings shall integrate all the best innovative features in design, wellbeing and engineering systems.
Internet (GPON)
Wi-fi in public and private areas
Mobile network amplification
Smart intercom
Smart CCTV
Access IDs: Face-Id, fingerprint, BLE,
Visitor control: access by QR or pin-code
Parking access: plate recognition, UHF, guest passes
Smart metering
Online engineering systems control
Smart apartment
One mobile app for tenants
Key features
WELL, FSK smart infrastructure standard
Control of main climate and air quality parameters: temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC in all apartments and common areas (reception, children’s room, FM rooms)
Special features
We let people operate their buildings and homes from smartphones

• One mobile app for everything
• Open REST API enables
• Customized application as an option
Mobile app
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